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  • New Client Consult $300

    Functional Medicine Consultations - All New Clients. Please schedule this appointment at least 7 days from today so that we can get you your getting started package. 

    This comprehensive functional medicine service includes a detailed intake process and health history. During this process Heidi will determine what body systems are imbalanced; digestion, detox, and hormones. 

    Common complaints for functional medicine assessment are: autoimmune disorders, weight gain/loss, depression, fatigue, acne, rashes, anxiety, 

    digestive issues, sleep disturbances and hormone imbalance issues; such as PMS, difficulty with menopause, low libido, and infertility. 

    Consult with Heidi Toy, NTP via phone, in-office, Skype

  • New Client Consult with Hair Mineral Testing $600
    This consult includes the New Client Consult, the hair mineral test and a written report detailing the findings and interpretation of the hair mineral test itself. It also includes diet and supplement suggestions based on client need for healing, balancing minerals, and detoxing from heavy metals (if found). This package is extremely comprehensive.  
    Please note, this package includes the hair mineral testing lab fee as part of the the package. 
  • Blood Chemistry Client Consult $500

    This consult includes the review of blood chemistry for nutritional deficiencies. Pattern analysis of blood chemistry can effectively identify physiological imbalances and nutritional deficiencies by viewing and understanding the complex relationships that exist among blood chemistry factors. In many ways, understanding blood chemistry pattern analysis is much more difficult, tedious and time consuming. 

    Please note the cost of this consult does not include the the lab testing. The cost of labs is an additional fee. 

  • Follow Up Consult 60 min $150
    1 hour consult 
  • Follow Up Consult with Lab reading $150
    This consult includes the lab reading fee and a 30 minute consult. All labs are ordered via our office and the cost of the lab is in addition to the reading and consult fee.  
  • Follow Up Consult 30 minutes $75
    Consult with Heidi Toy, NTP via phone, in office or Skype



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